Anniversary Service & Reception

Anniversary Service & Reception

Sunday 24th April 2022

On Sunday 24th April the Congregation of Paisley St George’s gathered to celebrate numerous anniversaries connected to former congregations of the church. We were joined by many invited guests including Provost of Renfrewshire, Lorraine Cameron and several local councillors.

The morning service was held in the Outreach Centre, formerly Glenburn Parish Church where we celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone in 1961 opening of the Sanctuary in 1962. We also celebrated the bicentenary of George Street Church that opened in 1822 and closed in 1955 when the congregation was transported to Glenburn. We also celebrated the 202nd anniversary of St George’s (Low) opened in 1820 when the congregation moved from the original Laigh or Low Kirk to their new church on George Street.

Todays congregation of Paisley St George’s is made of numerous congregations resulting from many unions over the last 284 years from the establishment of the Laigh Kirk in 1738, The Middle Kirk in 1781, West Relief Kirk (Castlehead) in 1781, 5th Secession Church (George Street Church) in 1799, 4th Secession Church, The South Free Church (St Andrew’s) in 1850 to the later unions forming the New Laigh Kirk in 1985, Stow Brae Kirk in 2011.

The following videos on our YouTube channel show the service and then highlights and images from the Civic Hospitality in the afternoon.

Lent Bible Studies 2022

Lent Bible Studies 2022

Our Lent series of Bible Studies begins on Tuesday 8th March at 7pm and will be held weekly between the Outreach Centre and Causeyside. Anyone is welcome to come along and join us.

Tues 8th @ Outreach Centre

Tues 15th @ Causeyside

Tues 22nd @ Outreach Centre

Tues 29th @ Outreach Centre

Tues 5th April @ Causeyside

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

Good morning everyone. Can you help spread the word about our new YouTube Channel please? We need at least 100 subscribers to the channel in order to unlock a few settings such as a custom channel name. At the moment we have 17 subscribers which is great for only a few days of existence!
Our YouTube Channel currently is:

We’d also like to thank Brian McGuire of for several new aerial images of Paisley St George’s Causeyside, one of which is attached here. Thanks Brian.

Paisley St George’s Causeyside
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