Sunday School

Stow Brae Little Stars and Shining Stars – Junior Church

We have had a wonderful year here in Stow Brae Kirk with our junior church.  

Our Little Stars and Shining Stars have been enjoying learning about the stories of Jesus.   We have been working well with Mhairi, our interim moderator and regular minister in our activities for our children.   

We finished at the start of June with our annual trip – this year it was a BBQ and games in the church halls.   We were delighted when Stuart Duncan offered (yes I do think he offered !!!) to do our hot dogs and burgers to go with our ice cream, crisps and juice.  There was a bouncy castle, ball pool and lots of games and races with cups and medals being awarded.

Our small group is growing nicely and we are hoping to have 3 groups by this time next year, Beginners – Little Stars (Birth to 4 years old), Primary – Shining Stars (P1 – P4) and our Juniors – Shooting Stars (P5 – P7).   However, we DO need more leaders for this growth, so please consider joining our team to enable our Junior Church to continue on the journey to becoming adult members of our church.  This could be in a weekly,  bi-weekly or once a month rota.  Please contact myself, Aileen Baird, or Mhairi Breingan if you are interested.   


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